The Serious Pitch

Annette DeNoyer is a strategic content marketing consultant with over ten years of experience in a variety of technology roles, most notably in product management, product marketing, and content marketing. Her experiences at both tech startups and established organizations enable her to create effective messaging for young companies looking to attract attention and garner credibility, as well as for established companies developing strategic content for each sales stage in the Buyers Journey.

Described by a former CEO as an "intellectual athlete," Annette utilizes her writing and copyediting skills to create targeted messaging, compelling content, and engaging thought leadership pieces. She recognizes that the key to successful content is to understand the buyer: what are the challenges and pain points felt today? How can the buyer's life be easier and better as a result of using your company's product or services? Annette crafts content that matches the mindset and speaks the language of the intended audience to maximize effectiveness.

Based in London and San Francisco, Annette has a Master's degree in Creative Writing from Northwestern University and a Bachelor's from Duke University in Public Policy Studies, as well as a Certificate in Markets & Management. She is certified in Pragmatic Marketing best practices for Effective Product Marketing.

The Fun Stuff

Annette is an avid reader, writer, painter, runner, nature lover, and Duke basketball fan. When she isn't traveling the world, she works as a screenwriter on narrative and documentary scripts. In an attempt to continually challenge herself, Annette is learning to play the guitar, despite a complete lack of any known or (as of yet) demonstrated musical talent. 

The Library of Celsus (Ephesus, Turkey)

The Library of Celsus (Ephesus, Turkey)